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Live and Installed Sound

Would you dare to run your venue on computer based software solutions? Who would push their customer into a bungee jump? Only the bravest would.

Modern day installed and live audio products seek the flexibility of software while the reliability of a dedicated hardware solution is still mandatory. This is precisely where inDSP excels - providing innovative software technologies in dependable hardware based environments.





Having implemented several designs in installed environments, we know what it takes to deliver a product that is dependable enough. Please contact us at design@indsp.com to discuss your requirements.

We do:

  • multichannel audio distribution

  • audio and control networking

  • mixing and signal processing

  • venue automation

  • control software

  • product design

  • complete implementation

Product Applications:

  • Mix Matrix Processors

  • Mixing Consoles

  • Speaker Control Systems

  • Networked Audio

  • Conferencing Systems