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Why inDSP

Here are 10 good reasons for why to consider a career at inDSP:


An opportunity combining a mix of both Technology and Creativity is unique - even while contrasting techniques adopted for Audio Development worldwide, our platform and ever growing pool of Intellectual Property allows you to exploit your Creative potential around an application that is always fun and rewarding to build on.

German Engineering
inDSP was founded under German Management which has 20 years of experience in Audio Technology development.  The presence of a high technology environment, German quality standards and innovative development platforms help provide a holistic work experience.

We base our platform on the world renowned legacy SCOPE audio processor platform. The quality of our systems is highly regarded from the top ranking professional studio engineers to ambitious home studio owners. Our new platform promises to be more flexible, open architectured and powerful partly due to the advancement in the current range of Analog Devices processors and available open source development tools.

Exposure to latest Technologies
We take great pride in being classified as one of the only Rapid Development Environments in the world for Audio signal processing.
Our Audio Algorithm library is famous for its quality both within Music Production and Audio Post Production.
We are one of the leaders in DSP based synthesizers, our "Virtual Circuit Modeling" technology has attained great success and popularity within the Pro Audio Market.

Interdisciplinary Exposure
At inDSP you get to work in an environment where you can attain immense cross functional exposure. Whether you are a Hardware, DSP, Embedded, Software or Product guy the technologies are so enmeshed that you would get a significant insight into all aspects of the product and the technologies involved.

Music, Fun & Passion
Hearing is the most powerful of all senses. Going one step beyond from being a passionate listener to actually creating solutions that help both create and enhance the music you listen to is not an opportunity too many individuals could say they obtain easily.
inDSP is a direct opportunity to work with music performers, sound designers, sound engineers and to use their domain experience to collectively create tools that help shape the process of music creation and performance in the future.

Zero Ego
We offer a work environment where freedom and comfort take priority, because we believe that these are essentials for any creative process.

Size does matter
The team at inDSP is about quality not quantity. We have an international team of talented and experienced people who are handpicked and extremely motivated.

Our Impact
Being at the forefront of innovation, we create systems that empower musicians to go much further than they were able to before. Everyday thousands of artists innovate and realize their music using our solutions.