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If you want, we will go with you all the way. Our experience, rapid prototyping and development abilities help you to reduce cost and time to market significantly.

If companies enter areas which they are not familiar with, project time taken and realization risks may make many product decisions difficult or impossible. We are there to make things feasible and controllable. We work on effort as well as on flat fee basis and are ready to meet your preferences and business requirements.

Our Domain Expertise helps you to complete product specifications and design faster - and certainly we will make educated proposals and ideas on how to further improve the competitiveness and/or quality of your product.

Our Rapid Prototyping abilities enable us to provide you with a system which simulates the target design within just a short time. That way you can probe the quality and impact of your product long before it is actually developed.

When the prototype is sound, our existing IP and libraries enable us to implement your product much faster than one could usually expect.

Our in-house test team starts with their QA while the system is still under development and can thereby cut the time it takes to make the product mature.

You can visualize the effect you gain on a timeline:

We will be happy to discuss which contribution we can make to speed up your product plans. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements at