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Technology Highlight


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has become one of the main foundations of today’s technology revolution. It’s only common to find digital signal processors in the heart of every sophisticated audio device - whether in professional or consumer applications. DSPs are found in almost every audio application that demands real time measurements, calculation, manipulation and reproduction while maintaining utmost precision and reliability.

Here are some of the disciplines and technologies which we excel in:

  • DSP Hardware Design, with control and I/O (analog/digital)

  • Analog Devices SHARC DSP integration and development

  • On-the-fly dynamic (multi-)DSP configuration (Plug-In Technology)

  • Audio Algorithm Development and Sound Design

  • Embedded (8/32bit) Control Software Implementations (AVR, ARM)

  • Embedded OS Porting and Customization

  • Networking of Control and Audio (we are Copperlan Experts)

  • Application and UI Development under Windows, Linux and Mac OSX