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Our Expertise

We combine both our own in-house intellectual property with Analog Devices latest generation DSP platforms to provide solutions that help technology manufacturers fast-track innovative products while holding down development costs.

We can assist you in taking a big leap forward with your next product by providing  integrated digital signal processing (DSP) technology at its very best. inDSP’s audio algorithm library is famous for its quality in studio and computer environments - from large and scalable multi-DSP systems to highly cost-effective embedded designs. Utilizing Analog Devices latest generation ADSP 2126x and 2136x DSP families, inDSP’s solutions deliver an amazing level of sound and performance - at very interesting price points.

Benefits we provide to our Customers


Using our development resources, manufacturers reduce cost on new product designs and cut short time to market.

Pro Audio Background
Our experience in the various fields of the audio industry allows us to maintain an approach that stays completely product focused; keeping the target market and the application in close consideration.

Existing Intellectual Property
Using our extensive audio algorithm libraries and existing hardware and embedded designs, we help keep risk and cost down.

Speed of Development
We know our business and we have the tools to bring down your time to market significantly.

Product Management & Innovation
We offer product and marketing consultancy to help expand your products functionality by utilizing our experience in product design.

German Quality Standards
Since our roots are from Germany our product development and management approach stays the same - ensuring very high quality standards.

Cost Benefit
Operating within India helps us ensure the most competitive rates in the business.

Product / Market focus
Let us take care of what we are good at so that you can focus on other areas to ensure success of your product.